What is Moki 3?

Moki 3 is a payment method that gives you the option to pay for goods in three installments over three months. No interest, administrative or other fees - if all payments are made on time, only the cost of the purchases is paid.


How the MOKI 3 service works

A consumer credit agreement will be concluded with the customer for 24 months. for the period in which the MOKI3 discount will be provided. So, if the customer wants to take advantage of the discount and decides to pay over a longer period of time, he will be able to do so within 24 months. Of course, you can always exercise your right to pay earlier than the contractual term.

For example, borrowing EUR 300 when the contract is concluded for 24 months. for the term, annual interest rate - 24.9%, contract fee - 9.9%, BVKKMN - 38.39%, total payable amount - 413.52 EUR, monthly payment - 17.23 EUR.

Does MOKI 3 apply to a specific item or to the entire shopping cart?

The MOKI 3 discount applies to the entire shopping cart. If the customer chooses several products or a home delivery service, they will also pay in installments.

Will the product become more expensive for the customer when paying with MOKI 3?

If you decide to take advantage of the MOKI 3 discount provided for in the consumer credit agreement and fulfill its conditions - if all three installments are paid on time, the customer will not be subject to the interest and contract fee provided for in the agreement, so the price of the product will not increase.

How much will the customer pay each month?

After concluding a consumer credit agreement with a MOKI 3 discount, it will be possible to pay in three months by paying equal installments. If the customer does not want to take advantage of the discount, he will have to repay the consumer credit according to the terms of the contract - within 24 months, making payments according to the schedule provided for in the contract. Of course, the customer has the right to cover the consumer credit earlier than the term stipulated in the contract. You can always find the amount of your contribution by logging into Savitarna's website

What if the customer misses a MOKI 3 installment or wants to pay over a longer term?

If the customer misses the MOKI 3 installment, according to the terms of the contract, he must pay within 24 months. The consumer credit agreement, which includes the MOKI3 discount, is concluded for 24 months. for the term. The customer is not obliged to take advantage of the offered MOKI3 discount - regular installments can be made according to the schedule of regular installments of the contract, drawn up for 24 months.
For example, a product is purchased for 120 EUR. With MOKI 3, the customer pays 3 times for 40 EUR in three months. After paying the first installment of EUR 40, but deciding to cover the remaining amount of the contract over a longer term. Then the customer should miss his 40 EUR payment at the end of the 2nd month - in this case, it will be considered that the right to a discount according to MOKI 3 is no longer valid, the amount paid by the customer will be considered as an early repayment of part of the loan and the installment payment schedule will be recalculated for him. We will provide the recalculated schedule to the client by e-mail. by post In this case, the regular payment, including interest and contract fee, will be 5.40 EUR, and the total payable amount will be 158.80 EUR.

Why does the customer have to sign a contract with AS INBANK BRANCH, even though he buys the goods from your e-mail? in the store?

In order to pay for the product in installments and be able to take advantage of the MOKI 3 discount, a consumer credit agreement is concluded. This service is provided by our partner AS Inbank branch, so the contract is concluded with this company.

Why is 24 months specified in the contract? lease agreement schedule?

MOKI 3 is a proposed discount on contract interest and contract administration and other fees. The contract, which includes the MOKI 3 discount, is concluded for a period of 24 months. The contract includes both the MOKI 3 discount schedule and the 24-month contract term schedule. If the customer wants to take advantage of the discount, he must make payments exactly according to the MOKI 3 discount schedule. If you do not want to take advantage of the discount and decide to pay within 24 months. term - payments are made according to the installment schedule of the contract.

Are returns is possible?

Returns are processed as usual. If the customer returns the goods to you, you will initiate a refund in your merchant account. We will automatically deduct the required refund amount from your balance, which we will return to the customer or leasing company.

Where can a customer find information about their concluded contracts?

Customers can find all information about concluded contracts and monthly payments by logging on to Savitarna's website

Which persons can use the online installment purchase service?

Those who receive a salary according to an employment contract;

Those receiving permanent benefits paid by Sodra (pensions, allowances, etc.);

Pensioners of ministries (receiving pensions paid by ministries).

Farmers, self-employed individuals.